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Validate FCKEditor Control


try this example to Validate FCKEditor Control using CustomValidator control

Your HTML Markup for FCKEditor:

<FCKeditorV2:FCKeditor ID="HTMLFCKeditor" runat="server" Height="400px" Width="100%">
<asp:CustomValidator ID="CustomValidator2" runat="server" ValidationGroup="Invitation"
ErrorMessage="Enter Message !" Display="Dynamic" ClientValidationFunction="ValidateFCKEditor"></asp:CustomValidator>

CustomValidator Javascript Function:

function ValidateFCKEditor(source, args)
    var fckEditorClientID = document.getElementById('<%=HTMLFCKeditor.ClientID%>');              
    args.IsValid = FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance(fckEditorClientID.id).GetXHTML(true) != "";      

Hope this helps

Good Luck.

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